Gallery Page

Below are some collections of pictures I threw together.  They include our cap and gown pictures as well as people's personal collections.


Photo Gallery
The new photo gallery is now online.  Click here to see pictures from our 20 year reunion.


To see our cap and gown yearbook pictures, click on one of the links below
Galvan-Gonzalez R.  
Gonzalez V.-Jimenez B.  
Jimenez L.-Martinez  
Quintero-Sanchez P.  
Sanchez R.-Valdez  


Miguel's personal gallery

Some yearbook shots and some older pictures from 1982 before I was on the yearbook staff.


Donna's Scrapbook

A few pages from her scrapbook as well as a collection of prom pictures.


Gina's Gallery

More pictures.  This time we have portraits and pictures from the 10 year reunion.


Melina's Personal Photo

Pictures from Melina's personal collection.


Veronica's Collection

Pictures from Veronica's scrapbook with a little bit of everything.